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ThoughtOffice is Your Brainstorming, Mind Mapping, Problem Solving, Writing, and Creativity Solution
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Brainstorming Software - ThoughtOffice
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12 March 2012

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This is a software tool to facilitate brainstorming for idea generation.

Brainstorming Software is a creativity software. It is used for brainstorming and idea generation and capture. It enhances your creative and problem-solving processes. There is a built-in Expert Idea Evaluator that will help develop ideas from scratch by thoroughly evaluating any situation or opportunity, expanding on an existing concept, creating innovation in your workplace or solve a local, regional or worldwide problem you can utilize a tool like this. ThoughtOffice Brainstorming Software is a hybrid of desktop and internet software. When in a problem solving situation, it will help you with three ways. Brainstorming needs generation of large number of ideas to find good ideas fast. The first way this tool helps is by providing millions of “Thought Particles”, fragments of ideas that trigger your mind explore creative directions and find good ideas quickly. This tool will provide a bunch of specific questions to lead you down to specific areas. It has accumulated question on a range of subjects provided by creative people and collected by the developers.

On the third front it provides you ways to share ideas that is sensible to your audience. It will generate outlines, Storyboards, Blog posts. Branded with your name, logo – even a Copyright notice block to ensure your ideas get the credit they deserve. ThoughtOffice includes three integrated interfaces, to speed your brainstorming sessions. The interface appears to you in three ways. The IdeaBrowser helps you word associations, keyword-tagged images, quotations, etc. from the net. The Topics Browser delivers canned expertise of more than 200 successful leaders from many fields. You are able to follow up on the thoughts and use it. Everything comes together in the Session Window. All the outputs are collected in one well-organized document that can be printed, exported, or shared using the built-in slideshow viewer. This is a remarkable product. If you have the need, just go ahead and try it out in your workflow.

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Brainstorming Software: Get Smart with ThoughtOffice. The Essential Creativity Software for Brainstorming; ThoughtOffice is the leader in lateral thinking and idea software. The program takes lateral-thinking and idea creation to a whole new level. It enhances your creative and problem-solving processes. With the included Expert Idea Evaluator (Thoroughly Evaluate any situation or opportunity), you can develop an idea from scratch, expand on an existing concept, create innovation in your workplace or solve a local, regional or worldwide problem. ThoughtOffice becomes your 'Expert Assistant' - helping you create world-class presentations and orchestrate effective group efforts. "Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this program is that it's not finished yet. In fact, it will never be finished. It's designed so that you can furnish your own ideas and answers. You can add your own lifetime of experience to the already vast knowledge base. The collections of words, questions and images become more and more like that vast storehouse of your own brain. This is how software should work, it should learn from you and then reward you for what you've taught it." (PC Magazine Review). How do you use ThoughtOffice? Start by either typing a concept word or phrase, or go straight to the expert questions that help you crisply define your situation. Then use the integrated image and phrase IdeaBrowser to open the door to thousands of new ideas. All of your words, thoughts and image associations are compiled in the integrated Q&A Session for later reference. You can literally see your stream of thoughts on screen, in a simple but very effective outline. ThoughtOffice is perfect for the individual or corporation that needs to solve an immediate problem, or to create unlimited solutions. System Configurations- Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Mac OS X 10.1 to 10.6 Snow Leopard. Brainstorming Software. Business Productivity Software. Add Intelligence to your Mind Maps.
ThoughtOffice Brainstorming Software
ThoughtOffice Brainstorming Software
Version 1.5.13
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